Membership and By-laws

To sign up for a garden plot, please call the City of Lakewood Parks and Recreation Department at 562-866-9771, ext. 2408.  Your name will be placed on the waiting list and residents will be contacted by telephone as plots become available. You must be a resident of Lakewood to lease a plot.

Lakewood Community Garden By-laws
The by-laws are the LCG's guidance for managing the Lakewood Community Garden.  Each garden member receives a copy of the by-laws upon leasing a plot and members are expected to know and abide by the policies set forth in Section III (Policies), copied below. 
Section III -Policies  from  "Lakewood Community Garden By-laws"

A. The gardens are open from sunrise to sunset. The last person out of the gardens at any time is required
to lock the gate.
B. Anyone unlocking a garden gate is required to set the lock dials so the combination is not showing.
C. All plots and surrounding paths will be kept weed-free. Plot cultivation will not encroach onto paths.
D. There will be a weekly inspection of all garden plots. If poor maintenance exists, the leaseholder will
be mailed a written 15 Day Notice of Violation. If the deficiencies are not corrected within the time
provided, a 5 Day Notice of Eviction will be mailed to the leaseholder to vacate the plot(s).
E. The following conditions shall constitute “poor maintenance”:
1. Weeds in and around the garden plot(s).
2. The presence of dead vegetables or flowering plants, or parts thereof, in the garden plot(s).
3. Trash such as cans, bottles, wrappers, etc. in or around the garden plot(s).
F. A gardener who receives a 15 Day Notice of Violation will correct the deficiencies of their assigned
plot(s) within 15 days. The leaseholder may contact the Chief Inspector to discuss the condition of their
G. Sale of garden produce is prohibited, but may be given away by owner.
H. Private tools may be left at the gardens at owner’s risk.
I. Pets are not allowed in the gardens. (Municipal Code 4240.4)
J. Possession of alcoholic beverages in the gardens is prohibited.
K. Mechanical equipment powered by internal combustion engine may be operated only with specific
authorization from the Steering Committee.
L. Plots are to be worked by the leaseholder or members of his or her immediate family only, subject to
the following exceptions:
1. Leaseholders temporarily unable to work their plot(s) due to vacation, etc. should post “WATER”
signs and inform their Inspector or Chief Inspector of their absence.
2. Leaseholders temporarily unable to work their plot(s) due to physical disability or extended absence
may arrange for others to maintain their plot(s) for up to 90 days but they must first inform their
Chief Inspector/Inspector.
M. Trellises three feet or more in height may be erected ONLY on the path side of the garden plots.
N. Tall plants:
1. The growing of trees or other perennials more than five feet in height is prohibited.
2. Tall plants must be located so that they will not shade other plots.
3. Any gardener who feels their plot(s) is adversely affected by tall plants on adjacent plot(s) may
present their complaint in person to the Steering Committee at its regular monthly meeting, or may
have the Chief Inspector present the complaint to the Steering Committee. The Steering
Committee’s decision on this matter will be final.
O. Any member leasing 2 plots who receives a poor maintenance notice shall be reviewed by the Steering
Committee, and may be required to relinquish one of their existing plots.
P. All types of ground-planted and potted cane berry plants, but not limited to blackberries, raspberries
and all other commonly grown berries including hybrids are prohibited.
Q. Failure to comply with policies listed above may result in loss of plot.