LCG Steering Committee

Get involved!  Do you have some ideas or want to participate in a special committee or event?  Please join us for Steering Committee meetings the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 in the Mae Boyar Park Activity Room.  Garden members interested in running for office or filling appointed positions should establish their interest and commitment by attending meetings and actively participating in LCG events.

2018 Steering Committee Members
President:  Eric Stiegler

Vice President:  Greg Papke
Treasurer:  Peggy Jolly
Secretary:  Mike Mascaro

Craftsman:  James Smalling
Web Administrator/Photographer:  Alice Kusumoto

Chief Inspectors
Phase 1:  Mel Mueller
Phase 2:  Rick Adams

Phase 1 Inspectors
Plots 1-25:  James Smalling
Plots 27-52:  Gerry Anderson
Plots 32-45:  Marilyn Seltzer

Phase 2 Inspectors
Plots 53-64:  Rick Adams
Plots 65-76:  Eric Stiegler
Plots 77-91:  Kevin Davidson