2018 Daylight Savings Time starts on March 11 @ 2:00am.  Be sure to turn your clocks forward as we spring ahead.

Speaking of springing ahead, many gardeners are anxiously awaiting warmer weather to plant warm crop vegetables.  Although we fortunate to garden in a warm region, there may still be cool nights ahead.  This article from Gardener's Supply offers the following guidelines utilizing soil temperatures to determine optimum planting times.


Urban Wildlife In Lakewood

Ever hear neighbors and friends share stories of coyote and raccoon sightings in Lakewood?  I recently saw a pack of coyotes on my morning walk (still dark at 6 am) about a month ago.  Last week I saw a raccoon on South St. (at the crack of dawn).  Sightings of urban wildlife are becoming more frequent in our community.  The following article from LA Times discusses wildlife in southern California.


Plant Sale At Cal State Fullerton

California State Fullerton Arboretum Plant Sale


Saturday & Sunday, March 17 & 18, 2018

Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm
1900 Associated Road, Fullerton  (Yorba Linda/Associated Road)

Veggiepalooza is the largest plant sale in the region.  Over 100 varieties of tomato plants will be for sale this year, including every size from cherry to beefsteak and every color from white to black. In addition, over 70 varieties of peppers will be available this year. 

Click on the link below for more information and a list of plant offerings.

All the plants for this sale were carefully propagated and organically grown exclusively in the Arboretum nursery by skilled volunteers.  All proceeds from this fundraising event support plant conservation, environmental education programs, and the diverse gardens of the Fullerton Arboretum

Lakewood Community Gardens General Meeting - February 17

The Lakewood Community Gardens held its first general meeting for 2018 on Saturday, February 17 at San Martin Park.  There were more than 35 gardeners in attendance.  Kelly Middleton from Greater Los Angeles Vector Control District gave an informative talk on mosquitos, how these small insects have large impacts on our way of life in Los Angeles County.  Topics of interest were the mosquito's life cycle, common areas where eggs are laid, mosquito-borne diseases, repellents, and how to protect your family and home environment.

Did you know that patios and yards are the #1 source of mosquito problems?  Do an environmental assessment and dump out any standing water at least once a week!  Also, only the female mosquitos are responsible for transmitting diseases to people and pests.

A raffle was held during the second part of the meeting.  There were some very happy gardeners who won gift cards to a local nursery, and a lucky new gardener won the 50/50 raffle prize!